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Fall Leaf Collection begins on October 10

  Dear Residents, Beginning Tuesday October 10, 2023, and continuing through to third week of December, the Village’s Highway Department will be collecting curbside leaves.  It is the Village’s goal to provide leaf collection service with a maximum of three (3) weeks between collections at peak periods (weather depending).   During the 12 to 13 week program … Continued

Rye Brook Challenges its Residents to find Potholes!  

What community is crazy enough to challenge its residents to actually seek out and report potholes?   Rye Brook of course! We are so appreciative of the public support for our new Public Works and Parks maintenance facility, and are also so proud of all our employees that work out of that location and maintain our … Continued

Paving Notice

The Village of Rye Brook will begin road resurfacing operations beginning Tuesday                 June 29, 2021 and lasting for approximately (3) three weeks (Weather changes will affect the schedule). During this time, road surfaces will be milled, curbs removed and prepared for a new surface and curbing.   … Continued


What work is being done? Microsurface paving – a mixture of polymer-modified asphalt emulsion, mineral aggregates, water and additives will be applied to the previously placed chip seal. This “quick set” preventative maintenance treatment extends the life of the road surface in an economical way, while minimizing the inconvenience to residents and the traveling public … Continued


What it is? Cape Seal, a combination of Chip Seal and Slurry Seal, is usually applied on residential roads. The Chip Seal improves the strength of the road’s surface and the Slurry Seal provides uniformity of the surface. There is approximately a 5-10 day interval period between the Chip Seal and Slurry Seal (DEPENDING ON … Continued

Did you know the Village is building a new facility?

The Village of Rye Brook is replacing its public works and parks facility located at 511 West William Street on a lot that is located between West William Street and Ellendale Avenue. The original public works buildings, which are being demolished and replaced, dates back to the 1940’s and no longer safely meets the needs … Continued

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