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Residential Sanitation and Recycling Schedules

To obtain your schedule, type your address below. If you already know your route, you can click on the corresponding image to find your garbage and recycling pick up days.

Para obtener su horario, escriba su dirección a continuación. Si ya conoce su ruta, puede hacer clic en la imagen correspondiente para encontrar los días de recolección de basura y reciclaje.

Residential Santitation and Recycling Schedule

To obtain your schedule scroll down the table below and click on your street or Click on the first letter of your street.

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Garbage DaysRecycle DayStreetRoute
T,FTHAcker Drive2
T,FFAlfred Court2
T,FFAnderson Hill2
M,WFArbor Drive3
M,THWArgyle Road1
T,FTHArlington Place2
T,FFArrowwood Circle2
M,THWBarber Place1
T,FWBeacon Lane2
M,THTHBeechwood Boulevard1
T,FWBell Place2
T,FFBellefair Boulevard2
T,FFBellefair Road2
T,FTHBerkley Drive2
T,FTHBerkley Lane2
T,FTHBetsy Brown Road2
T,FTHBirch Lane2
M,THTHBishop Drive North and South1
T,FTHBluebird Hollow2
T,FTHBobbie Lane2
M,THTHBolton Place1
T,FTHBonwit Road2
M,THWBowman Avenue1
M,THFBoxwood Place1
T,FWBrook Lane2
T,FWBrookridge Court2
T,FTHBrookside Way2
M,WFBrush Hollow3
T,FTHCandy Lane2
T,FTHCanterbury Lane2
T,FTHCarlton Lane2
T,FFCarol Court2
M,THTHCastle Landing1
M,THTHCastleview Court1
T,FTHCharles Lane2
T,FTHChurchill Road2
M,THWCollege Avenue1
M,THTHComly Avenue1
T,FTHConcord Place2
M,THFCountry Ridge1
M,THWCresent Place1
T,FFDavid Lane2
T,FWDeer Run2
M,THWDivision Street1
M,THWDixon Street1
T,FFDoral Greens Drive2
M,THFDorchester Drive1
T,FTHEagles Bluff2
M,THTHEdgewood Drive1
M,THWEllendale Avenue1
T,FTHElm Hill Drive2
M,THFFairlawn Parkway1
T,FFFellowship Lane2
M,THWFranklin Street1
T,FFGardenia Lane2
M,THWGaribaldi Place1
M,THWGrant Street1
T,FTHGreenhouse Circle2
M,THWHawthorne Avenue1
T,FFHeirloom Lane2
T,FFHeritage Court2
T,FWHidden Pond Drive2
T,FFHigh Point Circle2
M,THWHighview Avenue1
M,THTHHillandale Road1
M,THWHillcrest Avenue1
T,FTHHills Point Lane2
M,THFHolly Lane1
T,FFHoneysuckle Lane1
T,FTHHorseshoe Lane2
T,FTHHunter Drive2
M,THWIrenhyl Avenue1
M,WFIvy Hill3
T,FTHJacqueline Lane2
M,THTHJames Way1
T,FFJasmine Lane2
T,FWJean Lane2
T,FWJennifer Lane2
M,THTHKing St. (#745 to #952)1
M,THFKing St. (#972 to #1004)1
T,FTHKnollwood Drive2
T,FTHLatonia Road2
T,FFLavender Lane2
M,THFLawridge Drive1
T,FWLee Lane2
T,FFLegendary Circle2
T,FWLincoln Ave (#1 to #31)2
T,FTHLincoln Ave (#32 to #109)2
M,THTHLittle Kings Lane1
M,THTHLoch Lane1
T,FWLongledge Drive2
T,FWLouis Court2
M,THWLyon Street1
M,THTHMagnolia Drive1
T,FWMaple Court2
M,THWMaplewood Lane1
T,FTHMark Drive2
M,THWMaywood Avenue1
T,FTHMeadowlark Road2
T,FFMeeting House Lane2
T,FFMilestone Road2
T,FFMillennium Place2
T,FTHMohegan Lane2
M,THWMonroe Place1
T,FFMulberry Court2
M,THWNeuton Avenue1
M,THTHN. Ridge (#175 to #298)1
M,THFN. Ridge (#375 to #492)1
M,THWN. Ridge (#16 to #159)1
T,FTHOld Oak Road2
T,FTHOld Orchard Road2
T,FTHOriole Place2
M,THWOsborne Place1
T,FTHPaddock Road2
T,FFParade Lane2
T,FWParkridge Court2
M,THFParkwood Place1
T,FWPhyllis Place2
T,FTHPine Ridge Road2
T,FFPine Tree Drive2
T,FFPrimrose Lane2
T,FTHRed Roof Drive2
T,FFReunion Road2
M,THWRidge Boulevard1
T,FTHRidge Road2
M,THWRoanoke Avenue1
T,FTHRobins Roost2
M,THFRockinghorse Trail1
T,FTHRockridge Drive2
T,FFRose Lane2
M,THFSleepy Hollow Road1
M,THWSouth Ridge Street1
M,THWStone Falls Court1
T,FWSunset Road2
T,FTHSylvan Road2
T,FTHTalcott Road2
M,THWTamarack Road1
T,FWTerrace Court2
M,THWThe Pointe2
M,WFTree Top3
M,THWValley Terrace1
T,FFVintage Court2
M,THWWest William Street1
T,FTHWest Ridge Drive2
M,THWWest Street1
T,FWWestchester Ave (#705 to #725)2
M,THWWestchester Ave (#509 to #568)1
T,FTHWesterleigh Court2
M,THWWestview Avenue1
M,THFWhippoorwill Road1
M,THWWhittemore Place1
T,FWWilton Circle2
T,FWWilton Road2
T,FTHWinding Wood North and South2
M,THWWindsor Road1
T,FTHWinthrop Drive2
M,THWWoodland Avenue1
M,THTHWoodland Drive1
M,THWWyman Street North1
M,THWWyman Street1
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