Post Tropical Storm Isaias – Debris Clearing Policy & Cooling/Charging Center

Posted on August 5, 2020

Debris Clearing Policy:

  • Rye Brook Public works crews will help clear branches and small limbs from the curb.
  • Starting Monday, August 10th they will start and make one pass through the Village.
  • The list of streets they have completed, and the dates they completed them, will be listed on the Village web site (
  • This service is meant for branches and small limbs, and must be no larger than 4 inches in diameter.
  • If residents are able to cut the branches and small limbs so that they are shorter than 8 feet (i.e. the length of our truck beds) it would be greatly appreciated and would make collection much more efficient.
  • Please place the branches and small limbs on the grass near the curb. Please do not place them in the street.
  • NO STUMPS, LOGS OR LARGE LIMBS will be collected. This service is intended for the type of loose branches and small limbs that fell on the property and do not require a tree contractor for removal.  If a larger limb or tree is being removed by a contractor, please have your contractor remove the material off your property and do not place it at the curb as it will not be collected by the Village.
  • Please do not mix normal green waste (esp. grass) in these piles as they are collected by a separate contractor on green waste days.

Cooling/Charging Center:

  • Starting Thursday, August 6th, the AJP Community Center located at 32 Garibaldi Place will be open from 1:00pm to 4:00pm daily as a charging and cooling center.
  • Residents can go to the center to cool off and to charge their phones/laptops/computers.
  • Please note that Wi-Fi is currently not working at the center.
  • Due to concerns with COVID, the following restrictions will be in place:
    • All visitors must wear a mask at all times in the center or they will be asked to leave.
    • All visitors must complete a form about COVID interactions, symptoms, and provide contact information for tracking purposes.
    • The number of people at each table will be limited.
    • No visitors should stay more than 1 hour at the center as the facility is currently closed for senior activities due to COVID.


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