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When will my leaves be collected?

Collection is from October 1, through December 15. The Village has a rotating schedule for collection with a peak rotation goal of 10 days. Various factors can affect the dates of collection such as weather, snow and equipment issues. Leave are to be placed along the curb line and NOT in piles blocking roadway traffic.

Do catch basins and storm drains get cleaned out?

Village crews clean out clogged catch basins throughout the year as part of on-going maintenance. Crews yearly clean out 500 of the 1100 catch basins village wide.  Residents can reduce flooding in their neighborhoods by keeping material out of the storm drain system or clean debris around the catch basin when performing landscape maintenance.

How do I report a street light out?

You can report a street light out by submitting a street light form or go to the home page and select “Report an Issue” and submit a “Street Light” form. If you have done a search the street light form link might be listed below.  You can call (914) 939-0753 during normal business hours.  The … Continued

When will the Village perform street sweeping operations?

The Street sweeper operates on a 2 week schedule. The routes encompass the entire Village beginning at one end and working through to the other end of the Village. Priority is given to the downtown business area before entering secondary roads

Why does the Highway Department sometimes salt instead of plow or plow instead of salt?

Multiple factors influence decisions made to reduce winter weather hazards. Current air temperatures, predicted air temperatures, time of day and precipitation type are all important considerations when determining an appropriate response. In some circumstances, plowing alone is most effective at addressing potential hazards. In other instances, such as cold pavement with dry and blowing snow … Continued

When will my road be plowed?

During significant and severe storms, the Village must be prepared to move personnel and equipment to maintain priority routes first. In fulfilling the need to have all priority streets safe and passable, when resources are limited, plowing of all other streets may be stopped at any time so resources can be shifted to priority routes. … Continued

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