FAQ Topic: Administration

How can I obtain a Handicapped Parking permit?

There is a NYS form that needs to be filled out by your physician, and another section to be completed by the person requesting the permit.  The instructions and form is on our web site and can be downloaded. Bring the completed form to the Administration Office who will prepare the permit.  Please note that the … Continued

How do I know if a person or business is permitted to solicit door-to-door, and can I stop them from coming to my house?

The village has a local law regulating peddling and solicitation door-to-door available online.  Permits are required for private businesses and individuals, while most not-for-profits do not need permits but still need to register with the village.  A list of those individuals or agencies with permits or registrations is always updated and is available online.  The … Continued

Does Rye Brook have any Green initiatives?

Yes!  Rye Brook is proud its many green initiatives and has a very active Sustainability Committee.  Please visit the sustainability page to learn more about items such as food scrap recycling, and our legislation banning plastic bags, Styrofoam and discouraging the distribution of plastic straws.  There are many tips and suggestions to encourage residents to help … Continued

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